NXTUP Nominee: Best Documentary

Francis Wu

Motion Pictures & Television / MFA

My name is Francis, and I have not watched a film in six hours twenty-seven minutes. More than one friend has called me a movie addict. I prefer to think of myself as a movie buff, but deep down, I know they’re right. From E.T. (1982), the first movie I watched while sitting on the lap of my father when I was four-years-old, to Cría cuervos…(1976), I discovered I just can’t quit them.
So many days I was swamped with coding assignments, I still tried to squeeze the French New Wave into my schedule; after publishing 10 pieces of news like a dog and came home with my eyes red, I wouldn’t hit the sack before visiting the Golden Age of Hollywood. Glad to say, I have been happier since I changed my career into film.

Around The 400 Blows (1959), the 1000th films I saw, I no longer was watching purely enjoyment, purely as a cinephile who just loved movies, I began to be aware of the structure of a movie and how it build a vivid piece of artwork. Films has become the real heroine to me. 2300 doses from 65 countries, taking me to places I had not thought I would ever set foot on, entering the lives of people I would likely never know, gave me both a yearning to explore the world, and comfort in knowing that we’re all connected. the very first day I travelled to Paris, I went talk to Truffaut in the Montmartre Cemetery, hoping he could hear me and give some feedback; the only reason I reached the end of the world around Ushuaia is merely for Happy Together (1997). From walking 20 miles in the heated summer in Cappadocia, from driving the chilly winter in Tasmania, my heart was engraved with the filmic compositions from 35 countries. Sitting in a cinema, my memory was stirred when seeing a Peruvian girl climbing up fast in the Salkantay mountain, my mind get carried away when seeing an Iranian father drinking the very sour Doogh.
I have many stories want to tell, and I am exciting to know new stories, from you maybe. I would love to make all the stories come to life and bring joys and tears to all of you.

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