NXTUP Nominee: Best Commercial/PSA
NXTUP Nominee: Best Documentary

Donald Bianchi

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

When I was a kid, we had on display in my house, an 8mm camera with a functioning wind up motor that had belonged to my grandfather. Often I would pick it up, wind it, and look through the tiny viewfinder as I plugged away at the shutter. I would imagine that I was actually shooting a movie and run around playing with this empty camera for hours. Feeling that camera in my hands was the most magical thing ever. It changed my life.

Flash forward, 16 years later. My BFA diploma framed and hung in my parent's dining room. My life in a nutshell: Sitting at my desk, editing my latest short film. Tweaking my feature script. Constructing a DIY darkroom in my bathroom. Directing and acting every chance I get. Hell-bent passion, vigorous discipline, boundless drive.

NXTUP Winner: Best Picture - Under 8: Burner
NXTUP Winner: Best Directing - Burner

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