Candice Zheng

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

From the moment I could walk and talk, I was, if my mother's words are true, not simply always in motion, but always in motion in pursuit of a goal. It apparently started with scattering my dolls all over the house, then returning them one by one to the little nest I had created from a sheet and towels. I was three.

What began as my need for physical motion, soon morphed to my need for mental motion. Notebooks filled with stories, drawings. The section of the dining room table cordoned off for jigsaw puzzles with hundreds, then over a thousand pieces challenging me to put them where they belong. I always did, and at a rate that awed my family and neighbors.

I also became adept at bouncing from one activity to another; a precursor to the multi-tasking required of a line producer. I credit my childhood for giving my mind and muscles the memory and ability to juggle the slew of tasks required to get a movie ready to shoot.

Because I became so good at it, I became the go-to producer in the School of Motion Pictures & Television where I was studying. But along with the ability to multi-task was the inability to say no to the long line of directors and creative producers desiring my services.

A short crash and burn on a project, where it was one of three short narrative films shooting within days of each other taught me the value of saying no. No is not usually greeted with a smile by the person director and producer you're saying no to, but it guarantees that those I'm saying yes to will get 110% of what I'm good at: finding locations, getting tough-to to acquire city, state permits; creating schedules that are ambitious but doable; finding places to cut the budget in order to give the director more money in another part of the budget that gives the director what they want.

A number of short narrative films, professional PSAs, music videos later, hunkered down and adhering to the shelter-in-place mandate brought on by the COVID-19 virus, I find myself still in motion - both mental and physical, in the confines of my apartment, in the early stages of preproduction on two short narrative films, that will likely have their May start dates pushed back, but in case they don't, there will be no lag time on my end.

I guarantee you that I will provide you the same meticulous effort. Navigate around my sight, then contact me and we can discuss how to collaborate on your project.

NXTUP Winner: Best Picture - Under 8: Burner

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