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Alyssa Glanton

Alyssa Glanton

Jewelry & Metal Arts / MA

I have always been fascinated by nature; to me, there is something very mysterious about it. Through this series, ‘Whimsical Nature’, I explore my view of the beauty and mystery that nature holds.

When creating a piece, I transport into a fantasy world, a world inspired by nature’s mystery and color. I make these pieces to bring the viewer into this world where they can also take part in this whimsical version of nature and its creatures. I also explore the technique of fold forming, which helps me create more organic forms with metal. I began to make jewelry because it is therapeutic. I found that fold forming is very calming. Hammering away at the metal to manipulate the material and turning it into something completely different is stress-relieving. I also experiment with color on metal to create a bold statement. I use chemical patina and colored pencils to bring out these bright colors.

Carnivorous plant themes are featured in this series. There are many creatures that are both beautiful and dangerous. It is this duality that intrigues me and helps me create my fantasy land. In this body of work, I wanted to challenge myself to convey beauty and danger through every piece.

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