A zoom-in detail on coffee table
A rendering of main lobby's seating area
A rendering of reception desk at the main lobby
A rendering of focal wall and seatings
The thought process to final design of reception desk
Thought process for community room design
A playful space for group activties
A playful space for group activties
A rendering of the restaurant's focal wall
Overall view of the restaurant
View of the sushi bar, inspired by Japanese Koi fish
Additional renderings for the restaurant and FF&E selections

Phuong Mai

Interior Architecture & Design / BFA

Through my work, I focus on the definition of “we” rather than “me”. By enhancing shared values and ideals of a community, I aim to draw a connection among people as well as ignite a sense of belonging and pride within them. With a culture-centered mindset, I believe that it is always important to consider the bigger picture of every problem and solve it wisely in a way that innovations and traditional values can co-exist and thrive.

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