1st Floor - Adjacent to Entrance
1st Floor - View from Seating Area
1st Floor - View from Entrance
1st Floor - To the left from Reception Desk
1st Floor - Left view of the room
1st Floor - Right view of the room
2nd Floor - Overview of the room with balcony
2nd Floor - Front view of the room

Jennie Le

Interior Architecture & Design / BFA

Born and raised in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, I had an opportunity to come to the United States to pursue my college degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Having a great passion for creating art and design, I decided to attend the department of Interior Architecture & Design. And certainly, it is the decision that I will never regret making. Being a creative and enthusiastic interior designer, I believe every space is an extension of the people who live within it. From your personality to your lifestyle, your interests to your stories, your mind to your soul, they are limitless – the environment in which our development and living conditions are supported and enhanced to their best extent.

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