Guests will be spending long periods of time staying at the hotel, as a result I decided to create the feeling in multiple spaces within one room so that there is a separation between activities.
Inspired by Japanese Ceramics and Pottery.
The journey will begin in the Lobby with a Kintsugi inspired space.
This space was designed behind the proposition that objects should last throughout time, they should be functional and utilitarian, simple and natural, made with long lasting quality materials.
Kintsugi - As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. This is a beautiful metaphor that connects with the story behind the concept, it is important that we learn about our imperfection so that these don’t happen again.
Working and Dining Area
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Camila Suescun Lecompte

Camila Suescun Lecompte

Interior Architecture & Design / MA

The space that surrounds you matters. Design is fundamental. Embrace a slower design, get to know the user. Enjoy the process of creating and discovering. Be open to change. Create with intention. Find beauty in imperfections. Get inspired with simple things. Let design evolve and transform with you. Have fun in the process of creating. Welcome inspiration daily.

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