Zikai Zheng

Industrial Design / MA

Description of the product:
As the country with the largest car ownership, people are naturally very concerned about the cleaning and maintenance of their vehicles. How to reduce the burden on users (long bending, repetitive work) and improve efficiency in the second half of cleaning vehicles (with towel) has become this project research goals. Towel-er is designed to help these users get a better experience.

I am Zikai Zheng from China. It should be my third semester when I came to AAU. My undergraduate degree was completed in industrial design in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which can be a combination of art and science. And I want to get more design thinking related content in this school, to enrich my understanding of design concepts. I was more enthusiastic about the design of vehicles for some time because it was full of challenges and required more time and energy investment. At the same time, I could improve myself to a large extent. So I hope to join this field, to be an industrial designer.

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