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Vyshnavi Narayanan

Vyshnavi Narayanan

Industrial Design / MA

I am Vyshnavi Narayanan (Vysh). I'm originally from India, and I currently live in San Jose. I am an engineer who specializes in electronics. My professional experience was not directly related to design; I worked for a year as a software engineer in a service-based software company, Accenture. After my marriage, I moved to the U.S. since my husband works here and that is when I decided to pursue something which I like, and so I joined the Academy of Art University's Department of Industrial Design. I am seeking avenues to develop my creativity and design skills. Though my undergraduate studies are not directly related to design, I still want to pursue my interest. I believe the unparalleled opportunities available will be helpful to broaden my design perspective. I am highly interested and fascinated by home product design like kitchen appliances, planter pots, home decor, accents, and also furniture.

Product Description

Cut-safe is a knife and cutting board designed for the visually impaired. Visually impaired lack or have less visual sense. They use spatial judgments to move around. It is found that over 58.7% of visually impaired undergo kitchen accidents involving knives. My design's key features include blades facing down to avoid accidents made out of ceramic, rubber barriers to protect fingers, magnetically detachable board, textured handle for grip, and HDPE whiteboard. Cut-safe is an experience with a simple design that ensures the safety and easy usage.

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