Muhan Zhang

Industrial Design / MA

I’m Muhan Zhang. Before coming to AAU to study Industrial Design, I studied science, mechanical engineering, and technology. Outside of the design studio, basketball, snowboarding, and drama are my passions. Inside and outside of the design studio, I enjoy imagining the future and creating it.

Product Description

Game consoles are becoming more and more abundant, and the number of gamers is also increasing. However, gamers cannot play freely. For example, they must be careful not to disturb their neighbors at night. Now, Tranquility blocks you from the outside world so that you can enjoy the gaming experience. Tranquility uses active noise cancellation to neutralize gamers’ vocals. Besides, it also has additional functions to attract gamers. The 3D headphone can provide auditory enjoyment. The scent generator can provide olfactory stimulation. These two immersive technologies can make gamers feel better. Last but not least, parents can let their children wear Tranquility to avoid influencing other guests. Roommates or partners can also buy it as a gift to provide a quiet space and show their affection.

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