Mingzhe Fu

Industrial Design / MA

Hi, my name is Mingzhe Fu. My grandparents are all engineers, and my father is a super fan of vehicles. My mother would support anything related to my studying unconditionally. Since influenced by the family environment in my childhood, I’m very interested in all kinds of transportation and mechanical things. Logically, I studied vehicle engineering in my undergraduate degree. However, I always keep a high passion for industrial design. I deeply understand that combining design and engineering would be great, so I definitely choose to study design to be an industrial designer.

Product: Description

Due to the explosion of the COVID-19, people tend to be more care about washing hands. However, is it enough to only washing hands without cleaning our cell phone? S+ is design for DYSON company. A product combines phone sanitizier & hand dryer. Designed for helping people developing good habits of disinfect cell phone habitually.

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