A Limar Gravel Helmet
Various Forms of Ideation Sketching
A New Helmet Feature
Developing the Form
Final Form in Matte Finish CMF
A Hero Enjoying the View
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Michael Webber

Michael Webber

Industrial Design / BFA

Product Description:
The Ghiaia bicycle helmet is an attempt to introduce a new feature to the already exciting category of gravel riding. It was exciting to develop a product within the field I have had such a long history in. Through interviews, research, and personal experience, the concept of a stowable bicycle helmet cover was found to be a viable feature. From individuals not wanting to get their long hair soaked and weighed-down while riding in the rain, to avoidance of dusty intrusion from the gravel environment, as well as just keeping a rider’s head warm on cold rides, a quickly deployable helmet cover would offer a lightweight solution. This same compartment could also be used for storage of other small items.

This project was also an opportunity to conceptualize and develop a form in new ways for me, using Gravity Sketch, Fusion 360, and Keyshot animation rendering. I plan on furthering this concept and take the next steps in exploring the material coverage by learning other 3D modeling applications such as CLO.

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