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Fannar Freyr Omarsson

Fannar Freyr Omarsson

Industrial Design / BFA

Hæ, my name is Fannar Freyr Ómarsson, but you can call me Fannzo. I’m born and raised in the Capital Region of Iceland in a family of six. Playing sports all my life along with 3 older siblings made me very competitive which I’ve used to push myself as a student in design. Going into a design school was a really big switch for me as I never even consider it, even though all my life, my mom told me I was going to be a designer of some sort. I’m forever grateful for having headed in that direction.

Product Description

Diagnostic imaging is a privilege in today's world and Röntgen helps people in developing countries to get access to diagnostic imaging. A stabilized handheld machined that’s easy to transport to follow the demand of diagnostic imaging.

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