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Daoxin Cheng

Daoxin Cheng

Industrial Design / MA

My name is Daoxin Cheng or just call me Doson. I am an industrial designer who has learned professional knowledge and design skills in Taiwan and the U.S. I believe that different environments, cultures, and design thinking have brought me rich creativity. To me, design means reducing the complicated to the simple and easy. Although the design process is laborious, I feel rewarded with happiness when I see people are using the product I designed.
“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” — Milton Glaser

Product Description

ET Brush is an electric toothbrush with self-clean. Nowadays, our products also need to keep up with the pace of intelligence and efficiency. Toothbrushes protect our teeth, and we also need to keep them clean and sanitary. The overall design of the toothbrush is a cylinder with a lid, and the disinfection structure on the top has a small lift platform. At the end of the disinfection process, it will automatically rise to help the lid to replace stale air. The UV clean light directly above the toothbrush inside the lid helps disinfect the toothbrush head and dry the air in the enclosed space. In addition, the rotatable ring touch screen allows users to rotate the screen to change modes, such as deep cleaning and air-drying disinfection. By integrating a sterilization lamp and cellphone connection, this product is considered to be more suitable for the standard of modern intelligent appliances.

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