Can Rong

Industrial Design / MA

Hello! I’m Can.........

I am an industrial design student at the Academy of Art University, though I’m originally from the beautiful city of Chengdu, China. My career in design was born out of my obsession with tinkering and building, as well as my visually-oriented creativity. I love to solve problems, and my multicultural life experience has provided me with a unique perspective on how things work or how they could work. Ultimately, I strive to create designs that will enhance users’ lives and build inspiring, meaningful product experiences.

Product Description:

AQO1 is an intelligent smoke detector, compare to other existing smoke alarm systems, which can only detect the smoke or fire that is already happened. AQO1 can predict a fire from happening. It has two built-in cameras, one thermal camera to detect any abnormal heat source, movement, and temperature. Another ultra-wide camera provides High Definition live stream that allows the user to check their home anytime. The smoke sensor and Carbon monoxide sensor will work with the cameras and bring the home security to the next level. AQO1 will also connect with the user's smartphone through WIFI; whenever the user left home, the guard mode will be active. The smart-switchable film will turn on, and the DC motor will rotate the device 360 degrees and left no dead spot in the area. If any potential threat is detected, AQO1 will send a notification to the user's phone immediately and lock the potential threat for the user to see the live steam.
"This is AQO1, the next generation of home security. "

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