VW Group Urban Cowboy

VW Group Urban Cowboy

Integrated Campaign

It may not be the easy way, but it's our way. We’re not afraid to get muddy. We invite the wild and embrace the unknown. We stopped trying to fit into a world that never fit us. We are the Urban Cowboy– respecting what we admire and reflecting what we desire. This project reflects our team’s passion for this design brief, adventure, and the spirit of being a cowboy. Join us, the Urban Cowboys, on a liberating adventure that displays sustainable long-distance travel at its best!

Vehicle Description

This is your ride, your horse, your way of living. Without this mechanical companion, Urban Cowboys would be limited to the normal. That won’t do, as we are anything but. We have designed a ride that eliminates any conceivable excuse to not travel by vehicle. Just like any good companion, or horse, you can rely on your ride for more than just travel from point A to B. Our ride allows you to unlock your freedom by not presenting barriers when you need it most. We challenge you to embrace the spirit of the cowboy and follow the adventure, your ride won’t stop you!

Architecture Description

The Urban Cowboy Lodge was inspired by “A” frame architecture. It's off the grid structure pulls inspiration from biophilic design. Taking the traditional “A” frame design and slanting one side to create a natural ramp helped us to create a connection with the vehicle and architecture. The ramp acts as a dock for the Urban Cowboy’s ride. The dock opens up to the second floor, which creates a more private space for the Urban Cowboy to rest. This docking area also adds openings for hot and cold airflow for ventilation. The lodge is also able to harvest energy from the sun path during the day. The lodge faces the south and takes advantage of the abundance of natural light found throughout the Urban Cowboy’s journey. At the lodge, nature provides us with a great airflow system. This allows us to activate our fenestration creating a seamless sense of the outdoors within. In order to be sustainable and fit the different environments and ecosystems around the world, we utilize organic upholstery from recycled scraps and second-hand materials that can be sourced locally depending on where the structure is located.

Web New Media Description

When it came to designing our Urban Cowboy’s experiences and interactions,
companionship became a priority. We created Scout, the ultimate adventure
counterpart! Just like a cowboy relies on their horse as a companion and not just a tool, Scout is there for you, the Urban Cowboy. The experience and interaction doesn’t end there. Scout connects with the Urban Cowboy’s ride, and lodging, and even replaces the modern-day cell phone. Scout plans your adventures for you, records them, and acts as the all-important key to your ride, and the lodges along the journey. This allows for a seamless integration of UI, so that you can keep adventuring the way any Urban Cowboy would!


Jenner Poulsen, Industrial Design, Team Leader, and Vehicle Design

Elihue Taylor III, Industrial Design, Vehicle Design, and Digital Modeling

Bianca Oquendo, Interior Architecture, and Design, Urban Cowboy Lodge

Emma Delaby, Interior Architecture, and Design, Urban Cowboy Lodge

Ruimeng Wang, Web New Media, Scout UI/UX

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