VW Group Kinship

VW Group Kinship

Integrated Campaign

What does the future lifestyle for long-distance travelers look like? We partnered with Volkswagen Group to explore the answer. Explore our project to see how we designed a holistic, seamless mobility experience with IND & IAD that reflects the unique, vast opportunities the American landscape has to offer. Kinship's role is fostering seamless connections from us to you. ​We developed the branding and philosophy for Volkswagen Group.

Veronica Alcocer, Advertising, Team Leader, Voice and Branding
Sasha Coughlin, Graphic Design, Global Brand Book
Anagha Varrier, Web Design & New Media, Website and Global UI/UX
Reyna Valencia. Interior Architecture and Design, Oasis
Veronica Rodriguez, Interior Architecture and Design, Oasis

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