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Category: Game

Game Genre: Adventure, Text adventure, Graphic adventure, Visual novel

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine, Clip Studio, Paint Tool SAI, Maya, Procreate, After Effects, DragonBones

Summary: Plague is a 2.5 point and click adventure game developed using Unreal Engine 5. Based n the overpopulated Victorian city, Vermillion. As the anthropomorphic Plague Doctor, Doc is taking care of his patients he notices a fungal plague slowly spreading throughout the city. As he begins his search for the cure Doc, pinpoints the outbreak coming from deep within the city's catacombs as it slowly seeps its way deeper into the city streets.


Brittany “Serah” Short, Art Director/ 2D Art Lead - BFA Game Development, Concept Art

Zoey Kister, Art Manager/ Art Director - BFA Game Development, Concept Art

Travis Perry, Art Director/3D Art Lead - BFA Game Development, 3D Modeling

Audrey White, Design Lead - BFA Game Development, Game Design

Jake Pyjar, Music

Graham Pezzuti, Sound Design

Production Team Members:

Adele M.

Destiny Zozaya

Grant Duttle


Alex Boyarinov

Jacob Hebert

Matt Horstman

Michael Denhart

2D Art Team:

Adele Man-Ci Chen

Olivia Chen

Nico Diaz

Gyungji Do

Alexi Duch

Grant Duttle

Norine El-Safadi

Tala Furniss

Chloe Lee

Chen Lou

Zolfa Noorasmai

Feier Wang

Ky Lenberg

Aubrey Kim

Megan Soler

Louis Calata-Davis

Gingi Vega

Rachel Menter

Yu Ivy

Harvey Cheng

Megan Phong

Joseph Cabungcal

Shane Aguirre

Destiny Zozaya

Joy Zhou

Chang Lau

3D Art Team:

Devin Barr

Micheal Rayl

Eric Robles

Gunnar Lenberg

Jamie Lopez

Jade Le

Ziming (Barry) Ma

Cristobal Rocha

Changho Lee

Kailie Zhu

Nicholas Gress

Design Team:

Phil Trasher

Adam Litterio

Spencer Simons

Peter Langmayr

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