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Lâle Özseven

Lâle Özseven

Fine Art / BFA

A couple of years ago I travelled to Cuba. I wished for a long time to visit the place and capture the beautiful people in their colorful moments with soft pastels. I went there alone and stayed 26 days. This was a very enriching experience. I sketched and took a lot of photos of Cuban daily life. I am happy with my trip but mostly for taking photos. Now with my studies at Academy of Art University, I am much more capable of interpreting my photos and nice moments. I had a nice conversation with the lady on the painting even though I didn't have good Spanish. She was a street second-hand seller of different items. Had a deep jazzy voice. A very strong, proud and confident person. A little tired with the heat or the life or maybe both. It is still an unforgettable moment for me to remember her and her Siamese cat.

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