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Deborah M. Drozd

Deborah M. Drozd

Fine Art / BFA

Relief printing has been the main focus for me as a printmaker over the last year. Through woodcarving I explore connection and how it can be found all around. Sometimes that connection is between two people who haven't seen each other in a year and the anticipation of sharing a space again, or the connection between humanity and nature. The realization that we are nature and we grow just as well. The connection we have to our own thoughts, and how thoughts grow roots, or flower, how they bear fruit and how we need to care for these seeds we sow.

The pandemic has pulled me out into empty streets of San Francisco with its boarded up buildings and endless opportunities to claim the city with my prints. I felt the need to give someone a moment of appreciation or reflection; a moment away from uncontrollable, just like I did when creating the pieces. Wandering around to find spots to wheat paste my art has deepened my connection with San Francisco immensely. It’s allowed discovery with new eyes and intention.

Using materials besides paper to print on, is an ongoing exploration and the latest result is the “Nature Dancer” tapestry. A relief print carved from wood, printed on Canvas.

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