Photo by: Alfredo Gonzalez Medium: oil on canvas panel
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Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo Gonzalez

Fine Art / BFA

I am a Fine Art student currently attending The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. My studio practice includes the uses of oil painting, drawing, and printmaking in the style of disrupted realism as a means of exploring the nature of human experience and emotion. I use the face, the human figure, and my unique painting style as a vehicle to express how each individual once was.
“Asi Eras” is a series of portraits and figurative illustrations that depict the intimate stories and momentary expressions of those subjects I've come across, a series that captures the essence of how these individuals once were in a specific moment of their life, no matter how brief.
I believe that these life-altering moments, when one's direction changes forever, are not marked by large showy dramatics; instead, the life-determining experiences are often unbelievably low key. It is these moments and characteristics I am inspired to look for.
The emotional spectrum surrounding the context of human experience is broad, and remains a largely difficult topic. Through the lens of my personal experience, through my personal reflection, and along with the visceral connection that art creates with its audience, I seek to open and foster a dialogue about the human experience; not from an objective distance, rather from the understanding and intimacy of shared experiences.
The balance of awareness and unfamiliarity in the human experience, provides a reason for my work to exist. The human face, in its own infinitely subtle range of emotional expression, has been explored throughout the history of art, and remains, for me, an irresistible subject.

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