Xiaomin Dai

Xiaomin Dai

Fashion / BFA

Chinese designer Xiaomin Dai is a fashion design student at the Academy of Art University. Before she came to San Francisco, she had studied fashion design and enginerring in Chinese universities for four years. Based on her 7 years of experience, she can skillfully show her ideas in design. She has good painting and sewing skills and knows how to use machine knitting and printing techniques.

Xiaomin is obsessed with exaggerated and grotesque clothes and eager to make such a design. She enjoy the process of transforming inspiration into sketches and then into ready-to-wear, which makes her find the happiness. Xiaomin hopes her design can surprise people and let the wearer show their personality through these clothes. Efforts to create a design that resonates with people with different aesthetics is the passion and motivation for Xiaomin's continuous innovation and progress.

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