Rachela Tiody

Rachela Tiody

Fashion / BFA

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. My fascination with creating garments emerged early in middle school, when I started sketching dresses while bored in a chemistry class. Today, I spend a lot of my time reading classics by Dickens or the Brontë sisters, historical fictions by Zafón or Sepetys, and fantasy novels by Rothfuss or Schwab. For me, books, people and history have always been a heartfelt source of inspiration.

My work often revolves around telling someone’s story and, as I dive deeper into the fashion world, I'm striving more and more to create meaningful art through my collections, blurring the lines between literature and fashion. That being said, these projects are my little stories - my little stories inspired by people, stories, and everything in between.

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