Chen Li

Chen Li

Fashion / BFA

My inspiration is the colorful architecture of the rainy season, exploring the combination of waterproof materials and other fabrics. I used three ideas altogether. The first one is the application of color blocks. There are many contrasting color designs of square or irregular shapes in my design. I find that such appearance is very similar to the grain presented by Knitwear, which directly leads to the second element -- the edge of the wall and the door frame. I used yarn to add an interesting edge to seam and used very thick wool to increase the size and proportions. The third element is the sense of space. I designed some solid cubes or cylinders to add richer architectural features. I used a lot of patent-leather fabric and transparent TPU to cover other fabric. I also used a hot air gun to deform the hard PVC so that it would naturally present irregular shapes and support the natural space. Then I punched holes in the PVC and woven them with yarn.

BIO: I was born in Qingdao, a coastal city in China. I do not come from a family of artists, but my love for art since childhood made me dream of becoming a fashion designer when I was very young. I went to England when I was 14 and finished high school there. In high school, I took oil painting, ceramics, and fashion photograph classes. These three courses all required constant output of inspiration, but I was always enjoying them and improved my aesthetic appreciation and ability during that period. Through the photography course, I have gained a better understanding of the charm of fashion. After entering college, I gradually found my own style. I have been trying my best to design things that are totally my own -- women who can represent the new era, independent, powerful, intelligent, break the shackles and do not follow the conventional route, and keep the charm of women at the same time.

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