This collection was based off of the idea of remaining calm in the storm of life and trying to make sense of why things happen. This topic led me to research the mathematical equations of storms and natural disaster events. The drawings of the equations were turned to pattern pieces and developed into a collection with hard and soft edges.
This collection was inspired by the norse mythology of Valkyries. I imagine my target customer a Valkyrie undercover in the modern world.
In furthering my search for the sense in life, I researched microbiology and then blew it up to find the interesting shapes and details to incorporate into oversized fashion. Shibori techniques were explored to create visual texture.
This collection was based on the age old fight between the brain and heart.
Lewis Carl is a local artist and friend of mine. He uses old jeans and scraps of fabric to create texture in his paintings. This inspired me to use old jeans and clothing as the fabric of my collection. Pulling the shapes in Lewis' 2D paintings into 3D surfaces, I draped them on the body to see what new shapes and details would be created. This collection was a foray into texture, textiles and depth that I hope to continue to explore.
Anna C Pretlove

Anna C Pretlove

Fashion / MFA

Anna's spring show submission displays the collections that completed her thesis project for an MFA in Fashion Design. Each collection explores a personal and meaningful inspiration that exhibits her aesthetic for directive fashion.

Anna lives in a small but growing town in upstate South Carolina and just finished her fourth year of teaching in the Fashion Design program at her alma mater. In Fall 2021, she will be the major coordinator and hopes to develop the program into a degree that can compete with renowned art schools. On the side, she is working to create her own brand of custom clothing that thrives on the engineering and development of interesting and artistic fashion pieces.

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