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Cecelia Zhou

Communications & Media Technologies / MA

[Reflection- Fringe]
"Culture has a fringe, divided by the generation." is a saying wilding agreed upon in China. As a young generation who appreciates western culture most of the time, I found the fringe gradually disappeared after coming back from the U.S...

[Reflection - Equality]
We have an equal amount of anxiety. Even though we are different, we share the same feeling of anxiety for different reasons... It's total to feel anxious about life. You just need to know that you are not alone.

[Reflection - Hope]
Wen Jun is a professional Huagu-opera performer. She hopes to be the main character, which is Huadan since she was very young. Wen Jun seizes every opportunity to approach her dream, even she needs to perform as the villain... However, she never gives up her hope of being Huadan one day.

[ArtUSafeU-PSA-Wear the Mask]
Why wouldn't attend a game show and be safe at the same time? You can do that on "Art U Safe U, Are U Safe?" Game Show! You win, you go to the class! You lose, not only you can't go to the class, but also a COVID-19 test is waiting for you! Are you ready???

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