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Mia Butler

Mia Butler

Art Education / MA

Hi! My name is Mia Butler.

I am an Illustrator and Art Educator. I enjoy listening to music while I work to help inspire me. I love trying different mediums and creating something new. I have experimented with paper quilling, digital painting, chalk art and printmaking.

I graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2013, with my Bachelors in Illustration. In 2016, I started my art teaching career in public schools. Since then, I've taught elementary, middle and high school. I love teaching and enjoy making my students feel confident in their art skills and pushing them to the best of their ability. As a teacher, I hope to make my students feel welcome, confident, and supported in the art room.

My Capstone project titled "Confident Girls In Art" is a program that uses art to build confidence in young girls. Girls engage in confidence building exercises while also learning about successful women in art. Learning about women in the art world helps the girls feel empowered and start to build confidence in themselves. Girls create art pieces based on their self-esteem journey.

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