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Dylan Ingle

Dylan Ingle


I’m a recent graduate from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, earning a Bachelor of Architecture Degree in the summer of 2021. I love to travel. I appreciate those with a sense of humor. I’m honest, and I stand up for the things I believe in. But most importantly, I'm passionate about the future of design and how the community is influencing it.

My education and on-the-job experience have afforded me a well-rounded and diverse point of view. I moved to San Francisco from Dallas to pursue a degree in Architecture and play collegiate soccer. Being a student-athlete strengthened my ability to effectively communicate with people from diverse backgrounds while also highlighting teamwork and developing leadership skills.

In my last year of college, I decided to pursue Design-Build because I value the importance of designing for the community and the hands-on experience. I was able to work on multiple projects from Schematic Design through Construction Administration. It gave me the chance to experience the process from the conception of the design to the completion of the build. I love the challenge of creatively overcoming the site constraints by working with all the given parameters of a project: ranging from sustainability, ADA, structure, site, money, codes, clients, etc.

I’m ambitious and disciplined, valuing both in-studio design and on-site construction. My education has strengthened my belief in the value of teamwork while also cultivating my creativity as a designer. My portfolio exemplifies both my design capabilities and my commitment to achieving a high-level design objective. Showcasing my design aesthetics, craftsmanship, graphics, and spatial thinking.

B.Arch Community Building Award

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