Jong Seok

Animation & Visual Effects / MA

As I’m a graduate student, I’ve acquired many 3D design skills from 3D courses such as ‘Advanced Textures & Materials’, ‘Organic Modeling’, ‘Hard Surface Modeling’, ‘Fundamentals of Texturing, Lookdev & Lighting’ and so on. From all of these courses, I’ve learned how to apply industry-standard texturing and rendering methods like map baking, 3D painting, and procedural and node-based material creation to original 3D artwork. Also, I’ve developed comprehensive instruction in Zbrush software for high resolution organic modeling and acquired model retopology, character concept design, polypainting and texturing, transform and decimation tools and rendering model turntables.

I realize myself I'm not professional level but I believe myself I could be a pro in the near future. The biggest power for me is I'm a fast learner and have a great passion for learning and growing.

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