Lara Noel Pflicke

Lara Noel Pflicke

Acting / BFA

Born and raised in the art capital of Berlin, Germany, I have always been drawn to mediums of self-expression. I wanted to do all the things I could possibly be, and acting provided me with this exact self-exploration. My mind was set: Tiny Lara wanted to be an actor and filmmaker. At first, that dream was just that – a dream. Instead of following my instinct, I joined my first soccer team, and over the course of a few years, I became a full-time student-soccer player who played in the highest league in Germany. I loved pushing myself, training every day; working hard. I was only 17, but I was expected to be just that one thing: an athlete. Not exactly very artsy of me...

Eventually, I decided to explore and start doing what I wanted and not what others wanted for me. I was determined. I needed to at least try, and how could I ever know if I’m good at something if I let other people’s opinions define my way?

My whole life, I’ve been living the highs and lows of competitive soccer, but never have I ever experienced the excitement and passion I discovered when I was on stage for the first time. Acting allows me to be whoever I want to be. I get to live out my daydreams and translate the life I live in my mind onto the stage or in front of the camera.

NXTUP Winner: Best Performance - Actress - Short Form: Burner
NXTUP Winner: Best Performance - Actress - Short Form: Confessions

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