Kenzie James

Kenzie James

Acting / MFA

I grew up in an incredibly small portion of Ohio called Bay View. It’s a small peninsula that didn’t even have paved streets until a few years ago. It’s in that quaint village that I spent countless hours next to the lapping lake with my nose buried in a book. That’s where my love for walking into new worlds and other lives began.

I was obsessed with reading anything I could get my hands on, but I particularly loved the freedom that came with reading fiction. Being able to leave my own life and explore a whole new set of emotions, new relationships, and maybe even super powers in an exotic world.... It became a superpower of my own. One that turned into acting.

I love acting because it dances between being the most real and honest thing we can do, and also going on an entirely imaginated adventure. In the real world we have our true circumstances, and people who are often shielding their authentic thoughts and emotions. In acting, we have the freedom of fabricated circumstances paired with the most vulnerable and honest experience of emotions-- it’s the highest form of magic. And one that I’m madly in love with.

It has been my greatest pleasure getting to study and spend my life exploring the arts. I hope to continue honestly exploring new characters and worlds throughout my lifetime.

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